Where the Art of Design Meets the Science of Light

The art and science of luminous surfaces. Cooledge has leveraged its broad expertise in architectural lighting technology and applications to develop a unique knowledge and understanding of the interaction between light and the materials used to create luminous surfaces.

The Cooledge team is comprised of an optimal mix of capabilities ranging from experts with decades of experience working with designers to deliver successful lighting projects to those with deep knowledge of LEDs, photometrics, reliability testing, materials selection, controls, and more.


01. Engineering

  • Product Design
  • LED Characterization
  • Optical Modeling
  • Photometric Testing
  • Power Electronics
  • Controls Protocols & Architecture
  • Reliability Testing
  • Global Regulatory Compliance
  • Manufacturing Processes

02. Application

  • Surface Materials Testing
  • Illuminance Calculations
  • Layout Support for Large-Scale Projects

03. Integration

  • Interaction of Light and Materials
  • System Level Performance
  • Design Guidelines

04. Quality

  • Quality by Design
  • Development Process
  • Rigorous Quality Specifications
  • Optical Inspection
  • Performance Verification