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Cooledge Facilitates Wider Adoption of Luminous Surfaces with Upgraded Lighting Systems, New Power and Control Capabilities
February 01, 2018

Introduction brings enhanced features and significantly lower prices

Vancouver, B.C. (February 1, 2018) – In direct response to market demand, Cooledge Lighting Inc. today announced sweeping upgrades to its product portfolio, delivering even greater design flexibility while making installation substantially simpler and more cost effective. Furthermore, by implementing a new platform design, these enhanced systems are available at significantly lower price points than previous generations, making luminous surfaces more attractive across a much larger number of applications.

For the company’s TILE Tunable White product in particular, this next generation platform incorporates multiple control inputs into a single channel, simplifying installation, dramatically reducing the cost and thus closing the price gap between tunable and single-color temperature options. By making tunable white much more accessible for large luminous surfaces, this capability will become increasingly important, as designers and architects embrace the multiple benefits of dynamic control.

The end-to-end upgrades and progress from basic to intelligent control protocols cover all the elements required for high-performance, customizable luminous surfaces – from components to mounting options to power & control. They include:

Lighting System Upgrades

  • A lower-cost systems platform for TILE Interior and TILE Tunable White contributing to more competitively-priced luminous surfaces without compromising quality or performance
  • Larger TILE size for faster installation and economies of scale
  • Proprietary C-Tune technology that combines control inputs into a single output channel, simplifying wiring and making tunable white light highly price-competitive versus static color temperature options
  • The ability to use a wider variety of fasteners, combined with the larger TILE size, simplifies and expedites installation

New Power & Control Capabilities

  • Compatibility with a full range of industry-standard control protocols, from simple analog (0-10V) to digital (DALI & DMX) and wireless Bluetooth options
  • Optimized power distribution and reduced AC connections for large-area system installations
  • “Dim-To-Warm” control capability intended to replicate the dimming behavior of incandescent light

“We believe that luminous surfaces represent the most significant innovation in lighting since the incorporation of LEDs over 20 years ago, and that they will increasingly be favored over the points and lines of conventional lighting methods,” said William J. Sims, CEO of Cooledge. “We intend to take luminous surfaces from high-end applications into the mainstream, and the major advancements coupled with lower price points announced today will accelerate the pace of market expansion. The company has never been better positioned for growth than we are today and we aren’t finished yet.”

Cooledge SURFACES are built upon the company’s flagship TILE and LINE systems; ultra-thin, flexible sheets of light that can be cut, curved and paired with diverse materials ranging from fabric and acrylic to stone and glass. They deliver the performance and uniformity required to fully illuminate rather than simply accentuate a space. These digitally-controlled luminous surfaces are increasingly being specified for new and retrofit, interior and exterior projects all over the world.

The upgraded lighting systems, power and control products are now available for specification and will begin shipping in March of this year.

About Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge is the global leader in luminous surface offerings. The company provides a portfolio of proprietary lighting technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into all forms and scale of the built environment enabling large architectural surfaces instead of light points for illumination. The company’s luminous surface capabilities are deployed in retail, office, hospitality, and themed venues for both new and retrofit building applications. Cooledge is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with a commercial office in Waltham, MA, and supported by a network of sales agencies and partners throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @CooledgeLtg.