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The Fusion of
Architecture + Light

Creating luminous surfaces for illumination requires a unique understanding of the interaction between light and architectural materials. Cooledge uses this knowledge to integrate and optimize SURFACES that deliver digitally controlled immersive illumination for creating more open tailored environments.


Immersive Illumination

Replicates natural light

Surprising levels of illumination

Tailored to the human experience

More comfortable than bright points and lines of light


Cooledge SURFACES are fully integrated and optimized solutions.


The lighting and materials have been tested together to deliver proven performance that incorporates unique knowledge about the interaction between light, material properties, and the geometry of luminous surfaces.


Photometric files are available for all standard product options to make specification simple and ensure adherence with design requirements.


Cooledge manages the installation process from specification to commissioning saving valuable time otherwise wasted coordinating multiple suppliers.

Luminous Ceilings
| Continuous

Flush Mount (Stretch Fabric)

Luminous Ceilings
| Segmented

Flush Mount (Stretch Fabric)
Surface Mount (Stretch Fabric)
Suspended (Stretch Fabric)

Luminous Walls

Flush Mount (Stretch Fabric)
Surface Mount (Stretch Fabric)

Success requires understanding the interaction of light and materials.

01. Optical

To make sure the quantity and quality of light is correct



Spectral Effects

02. Aesthetic

To ensure the look and feel of surface is correct




03. Mechanical

To ensure the integration within the environment is correct


Size Limitations


04. Photometric

To ensure the integration within the environment is correct

Material Properties

Setback Distance

Surface Area

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Flush Mount


Surface Mount