Surface Mount



Surface mounted SURFACES are used in segmented ceilings to maximize the feeling of openness and volume or to blend with the ceiling finish.



Low Profile

Mounts directly to the ceiling surface with thin profile that creates a large scale luminous surface that gives the impression of volume.

No Special Site Requirements

Knitted fabric is easily stretched and held in place without need to remove equipment or isolate the space.

Size and Speed

Easily assembled on-site to quickly create suspended luminaires that replicate the scale of nature.

Code Friendly

Coated polyester fabric and fully certified lighting system eliminates regulatory issues where other materials or component-only lighting certification cause problems.


Choice of a single color temperature, tunable white, or dim-to-warm options – all dimmable to 0.05%.

Immersive Illumination

Segmented ceiling designs using wide area SURFACES deliver a surprising amount of light without visual discomfort.


SURFACE Overview

*Includes all Accessories and LED Drivers required.


Photometric Highlights

Light Output (lm/sqft)

425, 210, 105


Light Output (lm/sqm)

4500, 2250, 1125


Correlated Color Temp - CCT (K)

2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5700, Tunable White 2700-5700


Coloring Rendering Index (CRI)

> 90


Color Consistency (SDCM)

2 (Typ)


Lumen Maintenance - L80 (hr)